Ard.O.Sama ~ Earth and Heaven ~ Traces of the Beloved

All this landscape photography was done in Jordan (2011) A multitude of prophets graced have graced this beautiful little country, and the hills and valleys remind you of the spaces and places, they might have roamed once upon a time.

A multitude of prophets graced Jordan by living in or traveling through Jordan, these include Hazrat Nuh (Noah), Hazrat Lut (Lot), Hazrat El-Khedr (St. George), Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham), Hazrat Ilyas (Elijah), Hazrat Hud, Hazrat Shu’ayb (Jethro), Hazrat Yosha’ (Joshua) his tomb near Salt, Hazrat Musa (Moses) the site of his death on Mount Nebo, Hazrat Harun (Aaron) his tomb in Petra, Hazrat Dawud (David) his Shrine in Mazar Al-Shamali near Kerak, Hazrat Sulayman (Solomon), Hazrat Ayyub (Job), Hazrat Yahya (John), Hazrat Eesa (Jesus), and prophet Hazrat Mohammad, Peace and blessing be upon them All.

A Golden Compass

Forget every idea of right and wrong
Any classroom ever taught youBecause
An empty heart, a tormented mind,
Unkindness, jealousy and fearAre always the testimony
You have been completely fooled!Turn your back on those
Who would imprison your wondrous spirit
With deceit and lies.Come, join the honest company
Of the King’s beggars –
Those gamblers, scoundrels and divine clowns
And those astonishing fair courtesans
Who need Divine Love every night.Come, join the courageous
Who have no choice
But to bet their entire world
That indeed,
Indeed, God is Real.I will lead you into the Circle
Of the Beloved’s cunning thieves,
Those playful royal rogues –
The ones you can trust for true guidance –
Who can aid you
In this Blessed Calamity of life.

Look at the Perfect One
At the Circle’s Center:He Spins and Whirls like a Golden Compass,
Beyond all that is Rational,To show this dear worldThat Everything,
Everything in Existence
Does point to God.

-Hazrat Hafiz r.aHumd ~

To Him Alone, Singular and Wahid

All and everything that is beautiful is you only you Up close and personal,

distant timeless and invisibleAwe inspiring and breathtaking

All that these senses perceive and don’t~

All and everything that is beautiful is you only you

Time and time again, when time is, and is not

From the moment of full conscious to the unconscious

All the worlds in proximity or remote, desolate or wonderful~

All and everything that is beautiful is you only you

Beyond comprehension my happiness in sadness and sadness in happiness

Where do I begin…How do I say my devotion is futile

More seems less and less is just not adequate~

All and everything that is beautiful is you only you

Enable me in love pure and simple complicated and natural

Be the magnet to my energy the center of my whirlpoolIn you I have hope beyond hope~

All and everything that is beautiful is you only you

To the songs in the heart and the music in my ears

Take me to where you come from … share with me all that there is

Give me sight beyond sight knowledge beyond knowledge~

All and everything that is beautiful is you only you

Awaken and be aware soul stirring & penetrating the lure of the light upon light

Eyes shut or open wide blood rushes and the heart racesAll creation in perfection in harmony in Zikr~

All and everything that is beautiful is you only youI live here for the hereafter … as the years become months

As the weeks become days as the hours become minutes as seconds become the final moment

A breath away from my beloved … I wait beyond wait~All and everything that is beautiful is you only you


“The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness ”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand,

Earth from Above“Shooting the sea is not dissimilar from shooting a portrait. It may take some time, in an unforgivable environment and your subject may be cruel and uncooperative. But with patience and coaxing, its guard will be dropped and the soul of the subject will be revealed.”

EJ Camp




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