Cherished Architecture Prelude

The images in this section of the website depict travels the eyes have taken alongside the heart, mind and, finally, the essence.

Religious Tolerance … Over the years spent entrenched in the realm of photography one of my all time favorite has been documenting Muslim architecture. As time passed my interest found new and diversified directions, one thing led to another and before… I knew it…I was enjoying documenting Dargahs (Sufi Saint’s Shrines) in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, South Africa and India. My work started to get influenced by deriving inspiration from their poetic works. And visits to these holy places revived and age old belief of religious tolerance. We can be friends no matter what our way of life. Love and respect for all mankind is professed in almost all faiths. It still fascinates me how people of all walks life can visit a Dargah and not create a commotion of any kind.

Architecture can be defined as the manipulation and organization of materials to delineate specific spaces that allow for new realities. These spaces spawn new sensory perceptions and emotions. They allow us to experience views, light, and the earth through a new perspective. A simple tree house allows a child to see her own backyard from a new height. She is able to experience the leaves of the tree, the shade it casts, and the light as it trickles through the entanglement of branches and foliage. The tree house allows the child to experience what she has only aspired to experience before its existence. Such is the nature of architecture; it is an apparatus that allows for new perceptions of physical surroundings, a manipulation of form that exalts and expands the mind of the user, and a catalyst for an expansion of awareness.

by Zachary Meade

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