Eighteen Steps to Lucidity

This set of 18 images work together for the final effect of somehow twitching a nerve raising issues of wonder in the names? In the imagery? In sequence? The Why? What? & How? And just when you think you have figured it out at the concluding stages of the series you’d perhaps like to begin yet again.. A Never Ending Lucidity.

Technique: Illusory images created with probably one of the simplest special effects techniques in photography today. Slide sandwiching and then re-photographing on to Negative film (Fuji Reala) with a Nikon Slide Copier (PS-6 & PB-6). A well-planned image creation process can give very satisfying results. Salvaging and transforming an average or high-quality slide and delivering a stunning result. This set of 18 combinations were made with positive to positive and at time positive with negative, the negative been made on lith film and sandwiched out of register for the bizarre results.

The search appears to, culminate, reaching state of happy equilibrium in the ’18 Steps to Lucidity’ set A plateau of contented wonder seemingly reached, where the scales have fallen and the veils removed to reveal vistas of surreal other worldly beauty. Does Farah aim to evoke the Divine within the beholder as she suggests…. “(this is) hopefully going to twitch some nerve that leaves you wondering why, what and how? Paradoxical titles exude the traveler’s sense of delight discovery; Lucid Confusion, Washed in Light, A Glow Within, From Dark Daylight, To Gentle Shades…. Perhaps the key to the exhibition lies in the title of the exhibition ‘The Hues Within’. A play of the word ‘Hue’ which if pronounced slightly differently could be ‘The Hu Within’. ‘Hu’ referring to God, as one of His Names.

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