INDIA ~ “Dilruba Safarnama”

Venturing not too far from home, as we cross the border to India.

dil rubaa : adj. fascinating/alluring . . . dil rubaa : n.m. sweetheart . . . A safar (inf. n. fr. `to go forth to journey’), s.m. Journeying, travelling; journey, travel, voyage; campaign: safar-nama , s.m. Account of a journey, travels

In our lives all the distant journeys we make are ultimately memorable one way or another, amongst these some tend to stand out like exclusive gems in a collection of many. So! after all these years India finally happed in 2004 and then once again in 2005 … to compare one journey to the next seems unfair, so I express myself best by naming these journeys as I would a child … no favorites here I confess, have loved them all differently and deeply. The images gallery presents a myriad selection of architectural images, are from Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.



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