… no purpose more beautiful

A dervish is one who stands at the threshold between slavery and freedom. Paradoxically, a dervish is also yoked to the wagon of servanthood. The dervish considers the adab appropriate to the situation. The dervish education begins with marifah* of oneself.The dervish’s soul is coherent through tawhid**. A dervish protects his or her sovereignty. A dervish is in love with love. All around the world, in villages and cities in India, Pakistan, West Africa, Morocco, Indonesia, in the Balkans and Britain, in Kashmir and Kentucky, Sufis gather, usually in small groups, to remember God and generously welcome guests. More often than not, they’re unaware of the extent of their presence throughout the world. And preferring their spiritual work and service to humanity to political organizing and propaganda, they pass unnoticed in the world. Sufis are the transformers and educators of hearts, and there is no education more satisfying, no purpose more beautiful.

~ Shaikh Kabir Helminski

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