Paris Darkroom to Lightroom

While studying art at college it’s only natural for one to dream of travels to Paris. A wonderful friend not only made this dream possible but also extended a life long invitation to come and stay there for as long as I wanted. This gallery is dedicated to her kindness and memory. An exhibition came about after my first visit of 3 months in 1988 and twice again after a gap of three years (1991) (1994). Each visit lasting a few months. Looking back, I remember more than a few sweet personal & professional lessons. The most important being growing in spirit and mind, while traveling away from home.

The first two solo shows of my career were of all the work done in France in the late eighties and mid-nineties. They consisted of images mostly concentrated on Paris and the suburbs near and distant, with few images from London.

A friend wrote out the contents of the invitation card, which read as follows:

“Rendezvous with France”: You are invited to a unique photographic exhibition by lens-woman, Farah Mahbub who has captured the alluring aesthetics of Paris and its suburbs in the South, with a skill that seems to infuse her images with pulsating life. A wonderful opportunity to bring home a French original.

“Intention” The need to better oneself as we grow older is probably one of the most beautiful parts of our lives. For a newcomer like me, my first exhibition was quite successful. Still, I realized quite early that this work was way off and distant from the quality I had seen and admired of the Masters. I wanted to try and touch if not reach there. Hence, once again, the joyful travels began to the UK and France (1994). This time, with an obsessive will to show folks back home something different. This was probably the first time in my country someone had worked with darkroom manipulations and blue toners and till today making it my most famous and lucrative exhibition.






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