Sweet Roots to Savor and Retain

Your life would be considered blessed if you gave way to people, who can influence and change your life for the greater good, these people are certainly without a doubt special and gifted, and their only purpose in this pessimistic world, is to make you believe in the seemingly impossible and then lead you to the path of that thought, as it becomes a reality. This is what I love calling the “180 degree turn”. My young life began with Muhammad Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah being taught in school textbooks which was a good thing but I didn’t really begin to understand their importance in my life as to who I am? Why I am? And where I am? Till much later in my late teens and early twenties.

This section of the website is just a way to extend my gratitude and pay homage to the countless lives that made my country Pakistan possible. Even though I choose to name two great leaders, please understand there where, and are many more who have done much and continue to do so. We just lack the insight and vision to know them and understand their mission. I hope and pray with all my heart that will change one day and the truth will be visible to all to see clearly … ameen suma ameen













Ya Rab! Dil-e-Muslim Ko Woh Zinda Tamana De
Jo Qalb Ko Garma De, Jo Rooh Ko Tarpa De

Lord, fill the Muslim’s heart with a desire so fervent
That it will set his heart aflame and stir his soul.

Phir Wadi-e-Faran Ke Har Zarre Ko Chamka De
Phir Shauq-e-Tamasha De, Phir Zauq-e-Taqaza

Light up again every speck of dust in the Valley of Faran.
Make us long again for beautiful sights, and create in us the urge to make demands.

Mehroom-e-Tamasha Ko Phir Dida-e-Beena De
Dekha Hai Jo Kuch Mein Ne Auron Ko Bhi Dikhla De

Give piercing vision to those deprived of sight,
and show to others what I have seen. 

Bhatke Huway Aahu Ko Phir Soo’ay Haram Le Chal
Iss Sheher Ke Khugar Ko Phir Wusaat-e-Sehra De

Lead the stray gazelle back to the Sanctuary.
It has grown used to the city ‐ Give it back the vastness of the desert.

Paida Dil-e-Weeran Mein Phir Shaurish-e-Mehshar Kar
Iss Mehmil-e-Khali Ko Phir Shahid-e-Laila De

Stir up again the ruins of the heart with a commotion like judgment Day.
Let this empty litter once again seat a sweetheart ‐ a Layla!

Iss Dour Ki Zulmat Mein Har Qalb-e-Preshan Ko
Woh Dagh-e-Mohabbat De Jo Chand Ko Sharma De

In the darkness of this age give to every troubled heart
Scars of love that would shame the moon.

Riffat Mein Maqasid Ko Humdosh-e-Surraya Kar
Khuddari-e-Sahil De, Azadi-e-Darya De

Let the goals be as high as the Pleiades.
Give us the calm and poise of the shore, But the freedom of the sea.

Be Lous Mohabbat Ho, Bebak Sadaqat Ho
Seenon Mein Ujala Kar, Dil Soorat-e-Meena De

Let love be selfless and truth fearless;
Let our breasts be flooded with light‐Make our hearts clear as crystal. 

Ehsas Anayat Kar Asaar-e-Mosibat Ka
Amroz Ki Shuarish Mein Andesha-e-Farda De

Enable us to foresee the calamity that is coming;
In the midst of today’s upheaval give us a vision of tomorrow.

Main Bulbul-e-Nalan Hun Ek Ujre Gulistan Ka
Taseer Ka Saa’il Hun, Mauhtaj Ko, Data De!

I am a nightingale making my lament, I am from a garden which has been ravaged.
I wish that my prayer would have effect—Give to a beggar, bounteous Lord!

(Bang-e-Dra-126) Dua (دعا) Prayer
Muhammad Allama Iqbal (1873-1938) “Poet of the East”