Translucent Thresholds

Architecture can be defined as the manipulation and organization of materials to delineate specific spaces that allow for new realities. These spaces spawn new sensory perceptions and emotions. They allow us to experience views, light, and the earth through a new perspective. A simple tree house allows a child to see her own backyard from a new height. She is able to experience the leaves of the tree, the shade it casts, and the light as it trickles through the entanglement of branches and foliage. The tree house allows the child to experience what she has only aspired to experience before its existence. Such is the nature of architecture; it is an apparatus that allows for new perceptions of physical surroundings, a manipulation of form that exalts and expands the mind of the user, and a catalyst for an expansion of awareness.

Zachary Meade


The ease, with which she walks, as if she comprehends beyond the concepts of time and space—a soul that holds the deep desire to rise and soar, shall find respite only when she reaches to the edge of the translucent threshold s where eternity waits.

~ fm


 Sacred space is a space
that is transparent
to transcendence,

and everything within
such a space furnishes
a base for meditation,
even for the youngest child.

When you enter
through the door,
everything within such
a space is symbolic,
the whole world
is mythologized,
and spiritual life is possible.

This is a place where
you can go and feel safe
and bring forth what you are
and what you might be.

This is the place of
creative incubation.
At first you might find
that nothing happens there.
But if you have a
sacred place and use it,
you will eventually
find yourself
again and again.

Joseph Campbell



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