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Bandra-Worli Sea Link Bridge



However much these abstract images appear premeditated and arranged, reduced to basic geometry of black-and-white or natural hues, they are still rooted in a real world of objects that requires interpretation. Particularly the abstract character views you see in the images and the lighting are the major components that create the desired abstraction. Had the camera been placed at the main axes such as the beginning of the road or on top the car or at the height of the visual artist standing on the road, then this results in a reduction to a simple straightforward shot a “document”.

To create lasting images, consider even the simplest architectural build structure to appear as a surreal horizontal or vertical structure with layers, giving it a vivid, dynamic, eye catching aura shaped by various man-made or natural light reflections, only if the photographer does not “edit” the possibilities. 

What worked here was chance and experience, since I could barely control the placement of the camera in a moving car. I did from experience make a calculated guess of setting the camera at a shutter speed of 1/500th to make it appear still rather than blurred even while we were moving in a car on a bridge. Simplistically the structure was documented the way a passenger in the car would have interacted with the bridge, hence rendering reality more accurately than merely photographing a stereotypical situation in an unconsidered manner.

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