"After all the years, the only constant is photography is a still a passion"

Artist Bio

Farah Mahbub

Since 1988, Farah Mahbub has been exhibiting as a photographer in Pakistan and the international world. Equally adept in analogue printing as she is in the digital darkroom, her work traverses from documentary to digital photo-montage techniques, incorporating layers of light, shade, textures, architecture, natural objects, animals, landscapes and calligraphic text. Her visual-scapes, often unpopulated, are as dense as the multiple meanings they extend to, inspired by philosophical discourse on Sufism; insights garnered from traveling and reflections on nature in the respite of her studio. Over the years, her art has assembled equal praise and critique, as the local art industry has moved towards accepting photography as a fine art medium while abandoning notions of analogue purism.


She joined the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 1997 as a faculty member, where she has been ever since. Under her tenure, photography has evolved from a single class into an undergraduate minor spanning the Communication Design and Fine Art and Interior Design departments. For Farah Mahbub, photography allows her to reconcile the rift between mindfulness and expression. Only when ideas and intuitions connect with imagery, can thought and execution become one. From this unity of value, a visual language emerges that speaks from imagination and familiarity; it speaks back to the audience, to the news, to foresight, to philosophy, to awe. As a highly personal form of communication, the image offers an open point of engagement: both the maker and the consumer seek out a confirmation of themselves through the layers of meaning that allow the image to transcend its two-dimensional limitations. Thus, the silence of the photograph cries out; but you are quiet, and so am I.


Say Hello

Phone: +92 3458277559

Location: Karachi – Pakistan


Photography Studio Spaces

I have my professional work studio, where I have been teaching different genres of photography for more than a couple of decades now. The studio is in one of the most popular art schools in Karachi my hometown. This place, partially my second home is known as
“Indus valley School of Art and Architecture”

The other studio is more personal and is based at home, this is where i meet most of my clients who need to schedule an appointment prior to meeting me.


This document is too long to share here but if you are still interested please download pdf and read 🙂

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