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Vaguely expressive, silent and still, these are the rhythms to which the city beats, apologetically devastating and elevating in equal measure, Karachi; my Karachi is breathtakingly complicated and under no obligation to be understood. Thrumming with a spiritual vigor the city remains in a constant state of flux but if I give it a chance, offers me freedom and serenity.  Through my work, I embark upon a journey, retracing living breathing maps on a quest for truth and beauty amidst the chaos that surrounds it.

A feeling of mutual trust and love ricocheting back and forth – that is the relationship I have with Karachi and my work is a means to confront it. By weaving together memories and storytelling, all the while questioning notions of reality, my visual compositions are a means to open up the possibility of an alternative reality, one that coexists within the fabric of this city but is easily overlooked. 

This city is more than what meets the eye, there is musicality within the crevices that have appeared over time and that beauty despite the tragic events that unfold, never falters. This is my solemn mediation, that quietly and poetically delves into the human heart to remind us of our capacity for love, for Karachi’s capacity to forgive. For what is suffering without the love that prefaces it? Evil without the good? This city primes one for tears and heals after they fall, never resentful, forever resilient.

My beautiful restless Karachi, here’s to another day with you.


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