Work in Progress

"Translation" light of all the worlds grateful for my destiny

The title of the book is also the name of the first chapter. This book was conceived for sharing the gratitude felt for my mentor and spiritual teacher.

The silent celebrations
Of love and devotion
Sacred invisible crowns
adorned by Waliullah
of the immaculate glorious One
Path, pilgrims’ pilgrimage
Infinity seekers towards a singularity,
her effulgence nurturing you without
Ever seeking compensation
the heavens in silent celebrations
a visible crescendo on Urs



Dedication: My Blessed Murshida Hazrat Qalandera Rabia Sani (r.a) Urs Mubarak 2021

Work in Progress

Book Project.

Sharing a few images and chapters titles from the work in progress.

… the book title and the opening chapter of this book “Nur.e.Alam Zahe Naseeb “, happened one fine blessed day. I had decided the next time I have an exhibition I’ll make sure there will be a book to launch with it. Hence the book project began and is very much still ongoing.

Work in Progress

Life in Chiaroscuro

Some days are so monochromatic yet thoughtful and beautiful,

Doesn’t a moment of silence
restore beauty to the voice?
Opposites manifest through opposites
in the black core of the heart
God created the eternal light of love.


~ Hazrat Mawlana Jalal-ad-Di Muhammad Rumi (r.a)

Work in Progress

Magnolia’s in Love.

... be enamoured always, you’ll find all the meanings,

The scent of magnolia’s in the air
As your memory brushed passed me
She asked, why don’t you summon me?
Often and consistently?
I smiled and replied, O reverent one
You were never distant
Hence the need never arose
Surely, we reminisce what we forget
In the present here and now
Breath and breathing
a fragrance airborne
to be cherished evermore~fm

~Dedicated to the best of teachers, friend and humsafar. Qalandera Sahaba’s r.a Urs Mubarak 2018


Work in Progress

Wanderlust Trajectories.

Like a cartographer I give you a map these images try to create sometimes clearly, other times relishing in a silent ambiguity

The mind, this globe of awareness,
is a starry universe that when you push off with your foot,
a thousand new roads become clear,
as you yourself do at dawn,
sailing through the light.

~Hazrat Jalaluddin Rumi r.a

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